Havanese Registration Papers

Puppy Buying Tip: Ask for Registration Papers From Your Breeder

If you are buying a purebred puppy, then it should be registered. Pedigreed Animal Documentation (or dog papers) is a certificate that details the animal’s breed, ancestry, and identifying marks. This paperwork is necessary if you want to compete in dog shows, sell the dog at a later date, or breed the dog. It can also come in handy if the dog is ever lost or stolen and you need to prove you are the owner.

Before you pick up your puppy, call the breeder and ask if he or she has the dog’s registration papers ready. Picking up the papers at the same time you get your dog will save you the headache of trying to retrieve them at a later date.

You can consider it a red flag if the breeder does not have the papers ready. This may be a sign of disorganization on their part or a problem with the dog’s registration. In either event, it is best to wait to buy the dog until the breeders has the papers available.

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