Corded Havanese from MistyTrails CKC AKC

Challenges of Owning a Havanese

Fur Debris: Although Havanese dogs are little, they are pretty active dogs and often pick up twigs, leaves, and other debris in their fur from their activities. Here we hope to help you with the challenges of Owning a Havanese. Brushing your dog daily can keep him or her neat and clean. The best type of brush to use is a pin brush, which will eliminate debris and tangles. They come in different sizes so you can have a large one for home and a small one to carry around with you.

Matting: Havanese dog hair is notorious for matting, which is another reason you should brush your dog’s fur on a daily basis. Some dogs mat so bad that it seems like the hair has been glued together. The most common areas these dogs get mats are behind the ears and on the neck, feet, and legs. To get rid of mats, brush your dog every day. If the matting is bad, use your fingers to separate the hair to the skin before employing a pin brush. Work in small sections to reduce the chances of pulling hair out.

The mats generally come out pretty easily, but it still may take several days to detangle your dog’s fur. You can work on it whenever you have a few extra minutes such as while watching television or talking on the phone. To prevent mats, dry your dog as soon as possible whenever he or she gets wet.

Chewing: This is a common behavioral problem that occurs for different reasons. A dog may chew out of boredom, to alleviate anxiety, or to get attention. While you are trying to figure out what is driving the behavior, there are a few products you can use to discourage chewing. Bitter Apple is a spray that can be used on furniture, shoes, and wires that make the item taste bad and discourage chewing. Ask your vet or other dog owners to recommend effective products.

Pee or Poop Accidents: Dogs are not perfect and even well-trained dogs have accidents. To take care of the accident, use an enzyme cleanser like Nature’s Miracle to remove the spot and eliminate the scent. This will prevent your dog from returning to the spot and repeating the offense.