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Puppy Buying Tip: Don’t Buy Puppies Around the Holidays

Although demand varies over the course of a year, more puppies are sold during Christmas and Easter. There is something about these two holidays that puts people in the mood to add dogs to their homes. The major problem with purchasing a dog around these popular holidays is that supply will be depleted.

A number of problems can arise from too much demand and limited supply. In addition to promoting higher prices, the reduced supply can lead to buying a dog from a less reputable breeder or even a puppy mill, which may cost you more in the long run. The best time to buy a puppy is in spring (sans Easter) and fall.

The supply will be healthy enough that you will have a wide selection of breeds to choose from. You will also save money because the prices will be lower. The kids will be in school which will give the puppy time to acclimate to its new home without being stalked by excited children.

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