Havanese Vet Checkup

Get a Vet Checkup ASAP

Dogs are a lot like cars. Buying a brand new one off the lot does not guarantee you won’t have any problems. Just like you should have a new car checked out by a mechanic, you should have your new puppy checked out by a veterinarian. Beyond the initial birth and puppy shots, most breeders don’t take puppies in for vet checkups, especially if they are expecting to sell them quickly.

Once you have the dog, you should take him or her in to get checked for kennel diseases, congenital defects, and to get the last round of shots. You also want your vet and your puppy to get to know each other because they will seeing each other a lot during that first year of ownership. Additionally, having the puppy evaluated by a vet right after you purchase him or her protects you.

If you find out the dog has a medical condition that was not disclosed to you by the breeder, you will be in a better position to get your money back and you’ll be more willing to return the dog because you won’t have gotten too attached yet.

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