Havanese Hobbies and Habbits

According to the AKC, Havaneses are highly intelligent, trainable, and have sweet, friendly dispositions. It may be their Cuban heritage, but these dogs love to have fun and will play endlessly with you or other dogs. Interestingly enough, this breed also have habits and hobbies they enjoy participating in.

A favorite game they like to play is to run around really fast. They prefer to run with other Havaneses, but they are not picky and will dash around with other dog, kids, or even by themselves. So if you see your little dog speeding by at 100 mph, don’t worry. That’s normal.

Havaneses love to shred paper products like toilet paper, napkins, office paper, and tissues. You can’t leave any of these things lying around or you risk having your home look like a tornado ran through it. Keep tissues and toilet paper out of reach and make sure wastebaskets are emptied on a regular basis.

Another thing Havaneses like to do is collect stuff. Leaves are their favorite collector’s item, but they will horde sticks, toys, shoes, and other objects. Sometimes they will present these things to you as gifts, meaning you will find them in your bed, chair, or bathroom. Most times, though, they will stockpile them in their personal spaces like their beds or crates. If you try to discourage the habit, they will simply hide their treasures around the house.

You must keep a close eye on your Havanese because they are consummate escape artists. They are very smart and observe everything that is happening around them. Havaneses have been known to escape from zipped bags, to unlatch doors and gates, and even jump over fences in their quest to leave the home. Usually they do this to find their owners, but may conduct a “prison” break to find friends to play with. You must be careful if you leave your dog for a long period of time because they will attempt a breakout in order to track you down. This can be very unsettling for house or dog sitters.

Havaneses are, pardon the pun, party animals. They love to dress up and hang out with other dogs, especially dogs of the same breed. These dogs are fairly laid back, get along with other canines, and seek only to have fun. If you are looking for a dog that is happy to be your companion and part of the family, then consider adding a Havanese to your household.