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House Training a Puppy

Training the Havanese is an absolute pleasure, as they are known for their manners and kindly temperament. They also are known for being extremely smart.
Potty Training for the Havanese

When it comes to potty training, the Toy breeds commonly have a bit more challenges than your regular dog. The Havanese is no different and can be a little slow to catch on. Though it may take longer, they usually train up quite well.

The biggest keys to ensuring a quick potty training experience is patience and keeping with the same routine. They have to know where is okay and where they should not go potty. Enforce this regularly and consistently and your Havanese will learn much faster.

Your feeding schedule can help a great deal with Havanese potty training. Do not leave food for them to randomly eat throughout the day as a puppy. Instead, give them regular meals three times a day. This allows you to take them outside on a schedule, and to be prepared for typical potty time.

Havanese puppies show their intentions rather easily by smelling around on the floor when they have to pee and turning around in circles when they need to go number two. When you see these signs, take them outside right away.

Most importantly, make sure you spend plenty of time letting them know how much you appreciate properly going in the right place. A well placed bit of praise will go much farther than any punishment with potty training.

Allowing the puppy to run loose in the home without being let out during the day or night can cause them to be much delayed in their potty training. You have to stay on top of the situation and ensure they get the same positive messages every single day.

Many people will scold a dog upon discovery of a potty mistake. This is not good because the dog will be confused. If you actually see them do it, however, you can make a sharp noise to scare them into stopping and take them to the proper place immediately.

When you are forced to leave your Havanese puppy alone for any period, keep them in a crate or confined area. If they are running free, the odds of potty mistakes increases ten-fold. Most dogs keep their crate quite clean and are very averse to going potty inside it.

Be prepared for the puppy to pitch a fit and beg to be let out of the crate. This is normal because he will want to not be alone. Dogs actually like crates and things of that nature because they are naturally attracted to having their own “spot” to sleep in and protect. When you are ready to release the puppy, make sure you require the puppy to be silent for at least several seconds before letting them out. If you just open up the doors while he is pitching a fit, he will think that is what he should do to be let out all the time.

Never leave your puppy alone in a crate for more than four hours. If you are forced to do this, then you need to create a large area that the puppy can roam about and do his business in. At this point, leaving puppy pads or newspaper is okay. Try to make sure their food, water, play area and newspapers are all clearly separated.

When it comes to training your Havanese at night, you should let them sleep in their “area” or crate right beside you in your room. If the puppy has to go, be prepared to quickly scoop them up and take them to eliminate outside. Eventually, this process will become much smoother and the dog will learn to walk themselves. They also will be able to go the night without having to go outside till morning. Don’t forget the praise, even at 3 am when you would rather be sleeping.

The process of teaching the Havanese to go potty should take several months, but you can lessen that time considerably the more time you spend on teaching and praising proper potty behavior.

Can Your Havanese Learn to Ring a Bell?

How awesome would it be to have your Havanese ring a bell when they want to go outside? This is something that can be done if you are willing to take the time to teach.
Begin by getting a large bell or a group of smaller bells and tie them next to the door on a cord at the nose level of the dog. Make sure the bell is not so loud that it will startle the dog when it comes near.

The most common method to doing this is to put some of their favorite food or treats on the bell. Then bring your Havanese over and get them to find the special treats on the bell. At first they may be startled by the sound, but if you are there with them and helping them along they will become accustomed to both the sound of the bell and the fact that the treat is there.

Next, spend some time doing this and opening the door every single time the dog rings the bell. If you spend a good deal of time over the course of the week, they will make the connection. The key is to never open that door until the dog makes the bell ring. In no time flat, your Havanese puppy will be asking to go outside by ringing a silly bell. What a conversation piece!

Many people like to teach the bell method right from the start. Begin the same way, but ring the bell yourself every single time you take the pup outside. This is very effective and the dog will eventually do it all by himself. When he does, you need to act as though he had just won the first in show award!

Once you commit to the bell, however, you have to actually get up and open the door every single time. If you don’t then the behavior will not be consistent. The dog will test you by ringing it even when they don’t want to go outside, but if you are steady and consistent, then you will not have a problem teaching them when to do it.

Training your Havanese in a Litter Box

One reason the Havanese breeds are so popular is because they are small enough and compact enough for a small dwelling like an apartment or townhome. They are also small enough that they can use a litter box effectively if you so choose. It will not only keep the yard much cleaner and presentable, but it will also make life easier during those icy winter months.

All the same equipment you would use to litter train a cat can be used for your Havanese. They are available at any pet store and you can get the permanent or throwaway type of litter boxes.

It is best to use liners rather than litter or pellets. The litter tends to stick to the fur of the Havanese and they have no such urges to bury their feces or urine. Buy up some pads and use that instead. You can pick up the poop with a scooper and flush it right down your toilet. Change out the liners as needed.

Make sure that you place these litter boxes in a place away from their food and sleeping spots. Every single step that you took above to train your Havanese to go outside applies to the litter box as well. Spend plenty of time praising and teaching the dog and still occasionally take the dog outside. They will adapt to that well.