Puppy Friends

Puppy Buying Tip: Take a Friend

Most marketers will tell you that people make purchasing decisions with their emotions and use their logic to justify those purchases. This is no less true when it comes to buying a puppy. They are so cute and pull so hard at the heartstrings that many people buy dogs on impulse without really thinking about all of the ramifications of their decisions.

To help you maintain perspective, take a friend with you when you go shopping for a puppy. In addition to helping you avoid making an impulse buy that you will later regret, a neutral party can provide valuable feedback about the dog under review. He or she may bring up questions and concerns that otherwise would have been overlooked if you were shopping alone.

The key to the success of this tactic is to trust your friend. If the person indicates you should look elsewhere for a dog, be willing to walk away from the purchase long enough to evaluate the facts. Taking time to make a smart decision will ensure both you and the dog are happy.

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